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The Opioid Crisis has claimed the lives of over 400,000 Americans. It is an existential threat to the American way of life. It has impacted families in a way that is blind to status, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or any other classification. It has ravaged communities, large and small. And, if you’re reading this, you probably already know this because it has impacted you or a loved one in a profound way.

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If you’re reading this page you have no doubt heard the intense media attention on existing litigation being waged against the pharmaceutical industry for creating the Opioid Crisis. What you may not have realized until now is that most of that war is being waged by public entities. The public entities want to recover their losses, such as lost tax revenue, healthcare costs, policing costs, etc. That’s fine, but that doesn’t directly help you.

Andrews & Thornton and ASK are representing individual victims and their families for all that opioids have done to shatter families. Whether it’s

  • Addiction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Death
  • Overdose
  • Divorce or loss of a relationship
  • Loss of custody of children
  • Loss of homes
  • Loss of jobs, or
  • All of the above,

Let us help you. Call us at (888) 355-1886. You can fill out the questionnaire below to see if your case qualifies to be included in the Fight Against Opioids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria are the Firms using to evaluate and accept my case?
We have undertaken the mission of representing victims of the lies, bribes and overpromotion by Purdue Pharma of its branded drugs: OxyContin™, MS Contin™, Hysingla™, Butrans™, or Dilaudid™.  We are signing victims and their surviving family members who were prescribed one of the Purdue drugs by a physician.  We are confident that we can effectively represent patients who began on prescription OxyContin™ to treat pain, but who became addicted. This is true even if they later turned to narcotics sold by other companies, or if they turned to diverted/unlawful narcotics because of addiction.

We recognize that there is more than one difficult path to addiction that may involve the wrongdoing of Purdue Pharma.  As lawyers assuming the responsibility to represent victims, families, and loved ones, we must use our legal analysis to clarify who we may be able to help.  We believe that it is poor service to the victims and their loved ones to put them through the additional hardship of participation in legal claims when it is our judgement at the outset that there is little chance to be of help.

Purdue Products: At this point, the Firms are only accepting cases in which the individual used a Purdue opioid product, which primarily includes  OxyContin™, MS Contin™, Hysingla™, Butrans™, or Dilaudid™. That is not to say that individuals who suffered addiction or injuries to other opioids products do not have viable claims against the manufacturers of the products they used. It just means that the Firms are only focused on Purdue products given the ongoing bankruptcy. If you took an Endo (Opana, Percocet) or Mallinckrodt (Lorcet, Roxicodone) opioid product, please note that in the event those manufacturers declare bankruptcy, the Firms are likely to accept qualifying cases. Please contact us at that time.

Diversion/unlawful drugs: We recognize that victims addicted to prescribed Purdue drugs often later turn to non-prescribed drugs as part of their addiction.  We are accepting cases where an addiction was developed on prescribed Purdue drugs, but the patient later used diverted/unlawful drugs.

The Firms are not accepting cases in which the addiction was started by diverted/unlawful opioid products (unless they were a minor at the time). That means if you or a loved one became addicted to opioids and your first exposure to opioids was a diverted product, we are not accepting your case.

What if I don’t know which opioid product I (or a loved one) took?
We expect to work with you to find records to prove which Purdue drugs were prescribed for you. Often clients do not know which drugs were prescribed without investigation.  If you do not know which opioid product you (or a loved one) took, you should still call us. The Firms will help you investigate and determine whether you took a Purdue product.

People often, and understandably, confuse the Purdue branded drug OxyContin™ with the generic drug compound oxycodone. As long as the patients were prescribed OxyContin™ or other Purdue drug, the Firms will evaluate the case.  The Firms are not accepting cases involving only generic opioids at this time. However, if prescribed OxyContin™ began the descent into addiction, the later use of generics, including oxycodone, will not prevent us from being able to help.

What if my case is rejected and I believe that my case meets the acceptance criteria?
If the Firms determine that you do not meet the criteria used to evaluate cases you will be sent a brief letter notifying you that the case does not meet our criteria. Sadly, we recognize that learning of our assessment that you may not have a remedy for the pain hardship and loss that opioids have inflicted on you and your loved ones is terribly disappointing.  We regret and apologize for adding to your adversity.

If you sincerely believe that Firms have misunderstood the facts of your potential case, we are prepared to re-review the case based on the additional facts you have knowledge of.  Please email us at  We will carefully consider your information.  We will likely contact you for a teleconference to better understand the facts and circumstances of your loss.

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